Local pediatric doctor honored for study featuring Isomark technology.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 12, 2012) Contact: Dave Kruse, interim-CEO, Isomark, LLC at dave.kruse@isomark.com   Local Pediatric Doctor Honored For Landmark Study Featuring Isomark Technology Madison, WI – Isomark, LLC, a medical device technology company focused on early detection of life-threatening infections, announced today that UW-Madison pediatric critical-care physician Juan P. Boriosi, M.D., was honored at the 2012 Midwest Society for Pediatric Research Annual Meeting.  Dr. Boriosi’s work demonstrates the usefulness of Isomark’s breath biomarker for early detection of sepsis, a severe infection also known as blood poisoning. Dr. Boriosi received the Sutherland Award for the outstanding abstract presentation by a junior faculty member.  His presentation detailed the results of his study, which was conducted to test the effectiveness of Isomark’s early detection technology on diagnosing sepsis.  Sepsis is one…
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