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Isomark, LLC Chief Scientific Officer gives presentation at GeoMed 2013 Conference

Madison, WI – Daniel Butz PhD of Isomark, LLC recently gave a presentation at the GeoMed 2013 Conference in Italy. His presentation, titled “Breath carbon isotope delta value may be a biomarker of catabolic inflammatory actute phase response in mechanically ventilated pediatric patients”, focused on technology developed at Isomark.

The GeoMed 2013 conference was held to discuss advances in the use of natural stable isotope fractionation, which is affected by reactions taking place within the body. One example of research on isotope fractionation is in the varying efficiency of dietary uptake due to isotope fractionation. The conference’s goal was to create a new scientific community composed of biologists, physicians and geochemists.

Dr. Butz is the Chief Scientific Officer of Isomark, LLC. His research focuses on the early detection of diseases using metabolomics and isotopic approaches.

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