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Isomark to be honored as a breakthrough technology at symposium

Isomark To Be Honored As A Breakthrough Technology

Madison, Wis. – Isomark LLC, a medical device technology, was announced in early March as one of 30 breakthrough technologies to be honored at the sixth annual University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium.  The URES will be held April 3 in the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, Mass.

The University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium is an invitation-only event that showcases the top breakthrough technologies to leading New England venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.  Isomark and the University of Wisconsin-Madison will join the ranks of the 40 top research-driven universities such as Harvard, John Hopkins, MIT and UCLA. In five years of the URES, 13 companies have received $100 million in funding.

“We are excited to be invited to present at this prestigious event and appreciate the URESs recognition as an up-and-coming university tech transfer start-up,” said Joe Kremer, Isomark CEO.

Isomark’s revolutionary technology can alert health care professionals of potentially critical infections up to 48 hours before standard methods. Isomark’s patented technology monitors exhaled breath and in near-real-time detects severe infections caused by viral, bacterial and fungal sources. Isomark’s goal is to enable earlier treatment of infections, which has been proven to save billions of dollars in medical costs and to save lives.

In 2012, Isomark successfully completed its first patient trial in pediatric and adult intensive care units. A result of the study was the detection of a severe infection 48 hours before standard methods.  Following this successful trial, Isomark hopes to establish further patient trials and continue towards federal Food and Drug Administration approval and in-hospital use.

The University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium categorizes breakthrough developments into three fields: information technology, deep technology, and life science. Isomark will presenting its technology under the life sciences, medical technology track.

More information on the URES and its honorees can be found at

Contact: Joe Kremer, CEO, Isomark, LLC at 608-225-2527 or

About Isomark:

Isomark was founded in 2005 by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its technology is licensed from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).  The breath biomarker detection product strives to provide near real-time results of infection, improving efficiency of accurate diagnoses and patient care. For more information on Isomark, please visit

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