Isomark® LLC. Announces Partnership With Height Family Christian Business For Human Screening Application

Today in Madison Wisconsin, Isomark LLC announced a partnership
with Height Family-Christian Business to develop the first and only
technology in development today able to identify pre-symptomatic
infections. This disruptive breath technology is able to detect in less than
one minute with >90% accuracy whether a person has an infection within
4-6 hours of onset.

The Isomark Canary™ in recent clinical trials in adult and pediatric
intensive care units (ICUs), measured the breath Iso-number and
accurately predicted the onset of infection up to 48 hours before all clinical
best practices. The Isomark test is a simple, non-invasive, inexpensive
solution for infection detection.

This partnership will represent the nation’s first ever onsite screening
process used to determine early indication of infection. The Height Athletic
medical staff and the Congregation Safety staff, will use this information to
determine a patron’s admission to a weekly service or any scheduled
sporting event and if further testing of infection is required. The test will
communicate an in range or out of range signal.

Bishop David Stewart, CEO and founder of Height International
Basketball Association, (HIBA) and (HIWA) announced earlier today that,
“He’s looking forward to being able to offer the first infection free sporting
event and church service.” The Bishop also stated, “I’ll be keeping my
family, the HAA professional athletes and fans attending our games and
services, in a safe and infection free environment.”

This breakthrough technology comes from the strength of over a
decade of research and an exclusive pool of research scientists, the
founders of the Isomark Canary™ technology. “Our technology was
created for the early detection of infection in humans. It was tested in
medical clinics and ICUs around the country,” said Dr. Fariba Assadi-Porter,
Founder and CEO of Isomark. Using this powerful technology as a simple
screening device will be the key to the future of safe gatherings and social

“The future existence of our churches, and events such as concerts,
sporting events and banquets is why I’m so grateful. Being the first
organization to introduce the Canary™ Screening device to the world is
truly a blessing. Being able to assist other church organization and sports
institutions in acquiring the Canary™ Screening device will become the
future of HFCB,” said Bishop Stewart.

Romans 8:28 – All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord
and are called according to His purpose