About Us

Madison-based Isomark, LLC was founded in 2005 using technology developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and patented by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, WARF. The company’s mission is to provide breath-based, near-real-time monitoring technology for the detection of life-threatening infections.

Cows and Cattle - Exciting Opportunities for Producers and Consumers

Disease in dairy and beef cattle is expensive for producers and ultimately consumers. Isomark’s
technology can provide significant cost savings by 1) minimizing antibiotics use, 2) curbing
disease spread by presymptomatic detection, isolation and treatment of infected individuals, and
3) early recognition of response to treatment. The signal is a naturally occurring change in breath
isotope ratios. Thirty seconds is the signal reading time. Flashing lights and colors on our new
mobile unit make for easy recognition and response.

Patents and Papers

Five patents protect our technology with another pending. Nine peer-reviewed papers describe the breadth of our technology’s robustness from birds and mammals to humans.