About Us

Madison-based Isomark, LLC was founded in 2005 using technology developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and patented by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).  The company’s mission is to provide breath-based, near-real-time monitoring technology for the detection of life-threatening infections.

Assisting Healthcare Providers

Isomark has developed a patented technology the Canary™ infection monitor, which is designed to assist in monitoring health and disease states by measuring and analyzing isotopic biomarkers through exhaled CO2 samples.

The product is currently the subject of an ongoing clinical trial and is being investigated for non-invasive applications that could be used in a variety of clinical settings.

Making A Difference

Presently, 1.7 million hospital patients in the United States contract infections annually.  More than 750,000 of those infections will lead to sepsis, resulting in more than 200,000 patient deaths and over $33 billion spent in treatment.

In addition to its non-invasive nature, Isomark’s technology also has the potential to provide near real-time results.  This represents not only a significant health benefit to patients but also substantive cost savings to consumers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers.

For Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.