SmartBurn Technology

Isomark’s SmartBurn™ technology uses the stable carbon isotope of carbon in exhaled breath to evaluate an individual’s metabolic energy status.  By tracking metabolic energy status, it can be used in several ways to understand individual energy needs.  A key use is to optimize athletic performance by providing feedback on energy metabolism during training.  It can also facilitate improved sports performance by guiding nutrition, rest, and recovery programs on an individualized basis. Pilot studies on collegiate athletes showed more intense workouts correlate to a positive change in our breath biomarker. Subjects who received biofeedback reported significantly lower physical strain during  intense training. In turn, subjects receiving biofeedback were able to better prepare for upcoming practice and competitions.

SmartBurn™ Elite Performance is currently undergoing market studies prior to market release.

SmartBurn™ Well & Fit measures how the body uses carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to fuel metabolic energy needs. Based on the trends in individualized metabolism measured in  breath, nutritionists can provide clients valuable feedback to enhance attainment of fitness goals. This includes providing near-real-time feedback that helps guide: 1) weight loss and fat metabolism; 2) consumption of supplemental nutrition; and 3) optimal nutrition for intense workouts.

SmartBurn™ Well & Fit is currently in proof-of-concept studies, prior to market studies and subsequent market release.