Cattle morbidity and mortality losses cost U.S. feedlots well more than $500 million per year.
Identification of infection is done through monitoring the cattle’s physical characteristics based on
rancher’s experience. Continuing to house and feed diseased animals that will not return a profit at
market is a costly waste of resources and money for feedlots. The ability to identify infection early –
including upon arrival – will reduce the costs in treatment as well as potentially increase the
recoupment of investment on the cattle.

The Canary-AG breath monitor is specifically designed with agricultural health screening in mind. By
analyzing a breath sample, the company’s new proprietary, portable Canary-AG device
can detect pre-symptomatic infection in less than one minute with an expected accuracy
greater than 90% in its performance. In agricultural applications, this game-changing
tool provides veterinarians and the agricultural industry at-large with new reliable
physiological markers to screen animals for infections as they enter the facility and find
infections significantly earlier than any other technology. This means an earlier
implementation of an appropriate treatment regime and avoids the reduces the
unnecessary use of antibiotics. Canary-AG reduces treatments costs and improves an
individual animal and herd health through faster intervention and shorter recovery time.
These savings result in higher market return with substantially lower costs and
ultimately increased profitability.