Patented breath technology AI-based detection of bacterial and viral infections

Patented breath technology AI-based detection of bacterial and viral infections

Fully automated real-time AI-based assessment and reporting of health status.

The Isomark Health Canary-AG is a fully automated state-of-the-art breath monitoring technology, with a user-friendly interface, that allows recording and tracking of bovine’s breath with health status reported in 30 seconds.

Yearly morbidity and mortality due to bovine respiratory infections cost beef feedlots up to $1,000,000,000

Isomark’s early detection technology not only saves lives but also reduces the medical costs by $500,000,000

Rapid real-time
Isomark’s Canary-AG
is a point of care device with a total detection time of 30 seconds from measuring breath to the final result.
Non-invasive easy sampling
Breath samples are easily obtained with Isomark’s user friendly sample collection system with minimal user input.
No sample processing
Breath sample is transferred directly to the Canary-AG with no sample manipulation or use of pre-processing.
Automated connection with animal health records
Results are tied directly to an individual animal electronic ID tag and are linked directly to the management software for animal health tracking

Isomark Health is a patented green technology platform
that is AI-based and point of care. It takes only 30 seconds
to detect bacterial and viral infections
in animals, before any visible signs occur.

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Isomark’s Canary-AG device helps veterinarians with faster screening and earlier identification of disease in those animals that are at a high risk of infection caused by bacteria and/or viruses. This will lower the disease transmission, care and medical costs.

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Isomark’s data-driven technology empowers farmers and care-facilities to effectively focus on those animals that require attention. This will improve animal’s recovery period and saves care costs and time.

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Canary-AG helps veterinarians to make data-driven decision to prescribe effective treatment(s). This will lower the potential medical, care costs, and lowering prophylactic use of antimicrobial drugs such as antibiotics.

Want to see Isomark
in action?

Patented breath technology platform


Isomark uses an all-in-one pipeline in its 100% green technology, and is free of reagents. Our fully automated technology allows farmers, veterinarians and other stakeholders to screen animal health in real time by collecting animal breath directly.

Our patented AI technology analyzes the samples in less than 30 seconds, and results are displayed on our user-friendly interface; using a red (sick) or green (healthy) light to indicate the result. The reports are connected to a health database for every animal so you can monitor its wellbeing over time.


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