Cutting edge breath technology
AI-based detection of bacterial and viral infections

Cutting edge breath technology AI-based detection of infections

Patented breath technology platform


Isomark uses is a 100% green technology in it’s all in one pipeline. Totally free on any reagents. Our fully automated technology allows you, your team, and your stakeholders to have peace of mind by screening animals’ health in real time.

By collecting animal breath directly, you can make real time, data-driven treatment decisions with confidence. Our process takes less than 30 seconds and displays results with a user-friendly red light (sick) vs green light (healthy) indicator. Your reports are then stored in a personalized health database where you can monitor your animals’ wellbeing over time.



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Our fully automated real-time AI-based assessment catches infections early.

With the push of a button, our state-of-the-art Canary-AG device provides color-coded read outs that let you know if your animals are at risk of developing bacterial or viral infections. We let you know which animals to monitor, and you decide on when to treat and when to track. Isomark increases your productivity and profitability, protects your herd, and saves on costly medications and treatments.

1 in 10 of all cattle are already afflicted by bacterial and viral infections before they reach you. We catch these health status changes as early as 48 hours before any visible symptoms even appear.

Early detection can result in up to 50% savings from reduced morbidity, mortality, and medical costs.

Our system provides

Rapid real-time results
Isomark’s Canary-AG
is a point of care device with a total detection time of 30 seconds from measuring breath to the final result.
Easy, non-invasive sampling
Breath samples are easily obtained with Isomark’s user friendly sample system, requiring just the push of a button.
Hand's off processing
Breath sample is transferred directly to the Canary-AG with no sample manipulation or use of pre-processing.
Automated animal health tracking
Results are tied directly to an individual animal electronic ID tag and are linked directly to the management software for animal health tracking

Our value to you

With our patented AI-based green technology we can save you up to $11 per head.


The Canary-AG machine’s non-invasive breath sample allows you to make point-of-care-decisions in 30 seconds; by catching bacterial and viral infections up to 48 hours before any visible symptoms appear we save you exponential time, money, and energy.

How our Technology Works

Our system uses 3 simple steps

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Isomark’s Canary-AG device is the fastest screening test on the market. In only 30 seconds the Canary-AG can identify which animals are at a high risk of developing bacterial or viral infections. We can identify these animals up to 2 days before any visible symptoms would indicate something was wrong.

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Isomark’s data-driven technology empowers you and your team to focus your time, money, and energy effectively. In knowing which animals to prioritize you’ll improve your animals’ recovery period production, as well as reduce disease transmission and care and medical costs.

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Canary-AG helps you and your veterinarian team to make data-driven decisions when prescribing effective treatments. This will lower the potential medical care costs and prophylactic use of antimicrobial drugs such as antibiotics. In deciding between treatment and tracking you’ll maximize performance and profitability.

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