New Partnership
ISOMARK® LLC. Announces Partnership With Height Family Christian Business For Human Screening Applications
Animal Health Application
We have partnered with Darr Feedlot for early detection of infection in beef cattle. We're excited to help animal health in an agricultural setting.

The Infection Crisis

Deaths annually from "superbugs"
Deaths annually from Sepsis
Billion dollars in infection-related costs

Technology Applications

Isomark Canary
The Canary, a pre-market medical device, measures a breath biomarker that may be used to monitor infection status and provide a pre-symptomatic warning of a developing infection. The Canary monitor may also provide individualized treatment bio-feedback.
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SmartBurn Technology
Isomark’s SmartBurn™ technology uses the stable carbon isotope of carbon in exhaled breath to evaluate an individual’s metabolic energy status.
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