Beat Infections Before They Become Life Threatening

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From farm to table, Isomark’s dynamic breath collection technology, coupled with a state of the art database quickly discovers and can diagnose infections and viruses in animals and people.

Flexible applications that encompass health, fitness, and recovery for humans and animals.

Ag Partnerships

Krakow, WI

Our partnership with the Green Valley Dairy farm in Krakow, WI with their 3,500 head operation started on November 30th, 2020.

Darr Feedlot

The strategic partnership with Darr Feedlot in central Nebraska began in April of 2020. This 50,000 head feedlot provided unique production-scale opportunities and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can your technology detect?
Answer: Isomark utilizes patented, innovative breath technology to pre-symptomatically detect Viruses, Fungus, as well as both Gram negative and Gram Positive Bacteria. Generally 24-48 hours before symptoms become visible.

Question: What sectors are you focused on?
Answer: We are focused on the Beef Cattle/Dairy Ag Animal Health industries. Our mission is to become the Gold Standard for early infection detection.

Question: Why is there so much emphasis on early detection?
Answer: As infections progress, the cost of treatment and the mortality rate both grow. Catching them early saves both money and lives.

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