Individuals committed in the pursuit of better health technologies

Isomark’s team is an enthusiastic, talented group of individuals working in a tightly knit, supportive and flexible environment.
Our mission is to become the industry gold standard for early disease detection. We want everyone to know our patented green technology is not just the right choice, but the best choice.

Team Members

We hold ourselves to these five core values

as we continue to develop and grow.

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Our values start with transparency because we know that being open and honest about how we conduct our work is vital to building trust with our partners. It is only through transparency that we can ensure that our work is both accurate and actionable.

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We hold ourselves accountable with how we interact with our partners, our farms, our communities, and our planet. We strive to reduce our greenhouse impact, maintain a high quality of service, and improve the quality of life for the animals we test.

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Collaboration is at the heart of creation. Without our dedicated team and constructive feedback from our partners, we wouldn’t be where we are today. By creating open lines of communication, providing support, and encouraging exploration we can constantly develop and refine our technology.

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By bringing on individuals with a variety of backgrounds, passions, and cultures we can adopt creative solutions to extraordinary problems. We know that all knowledge is worthwhile and it’s through multiple perspectives that truly great feats are accomplished.

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We know not to make any assumptions. In challenging the current methodology we are also challenging our own expectations. With every project we take on, every double and triple check, and every new avenue of discovery we find ourselves on, we rise to the challenge we set for ourselves to push for more.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board