All-in-one platform,
AI-assisted technology


Portable Device


no chemicals


point of care



Our Mission

Improve animal health
through early detection
of disease

Your Vision

Improve animal productivity
and profitability

through early infection
detection and treatment

How Isomark Health Platform works


Presence of an infection before any visible symptoms appear


What kind of infection (bacteria vs viral)


Inform Vets and Caregivers to treat or track to effectively use resources


Track health information so that you know when each animal has reached its peak performance

Isomark’s 100% green technology, free of reagents, utilizes an all-in-one pipeline.

Meaning our technology protects the future of you, your animals, and your community. Our standalone and fully automated technology allows you and your team to evaluate animal health in real time by collecting animal breath directly. The collected breath is analyzed in less than 30 seconds using AI technology, and results are displayed using a red (sick) or green (healthy) light to indicate the result. This simple, user-friendly system means you can implement our technology quickly with minimal training.

More in-depth results can be provided in an easy-to-read output via the machine screen, with the possibility of accessing the full reports through the app. These reports are connected to long term health records for individual animals to monitor their wellbeing and performance over time.


Cattle in feedlots annually

can save


Animals are at high risk
of infections annually

can save


Losses due to sickness and
death in US beef feedlots

can save


Isomark can save up to $500,000,000 in losses

can save

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Who we serve

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The Isomark platform technology can be extended to variety of production animals such as cattle, hogs, goats, and chickens.

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Isomark technology can be used for large animal clinics and hospitals to detect and treat infections as early as possible.

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Vet clinics for
domestic animals

Isomark technology can be extended to domestic small animals such as dogs and cats to track early disease detection and prevent long-term health consequences.

Empower your agricultural business with Isomark Green AI technology to make data-driven decisions for your animals' health quickly.

Isomark began as a research project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a simple question to be able to distinguish a sick animal in the field by a simple non-invasive real-time solution.

The science of changes in natural stable isotopes was discovered in early 1990’s as a mean to monitor body’s metabolic response to the presence of pathogens.

The original discovery was patented through Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) followed by more patented discoveries to establish the Isomark’s platform technology with multi-pronged applications from early detection of diseases such as infections caused by bacteria, virus, and fungus; and other metabolic diseases that report on changes in macromolecules, to normal body’s metabolism such as monitoring energy consumption for nutritional and exercise optimizations.

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