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The science behind Isomark focuses on changes in the ratio of carbon isotopes in exhaled breath which can be used as biomarkers of metabolic change.  The technology has been refined by Isomark over the past 10 years with funding from grants, investors, and the State of Wisconsin.  Founded in 2005 by University of Wisconsin researchers, Isomark’s initial focus is in the early detection of severe infections and a patient’s response to treatment.  A new, pending patent covers market expansion into the unregulated field of fitness and weight management.  The technology has evolved through years of animal research followed by human clinical studies.

Infection Monitor

Isomark’s patented technology, maintained by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), is being developed to monitor exhaled breath to detect infections caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal sources soon after onset, along with a patient’s response to antimicrobial treatment.  This is the Company’s focus.  The Canary could reduce the time it takes to confirm an infection is developing and could track a patient’s response to treatment.

The Canary is currently in clinical trials before submission for FDA review.  For Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.

Clinical Nutrition

When patients cannot eat due to illness, surgery, or injury, they often receive nutrients via alternative methods.  Estimating nutritional needs delivered via enteral or parenteral methods proves challenging, especially when patients have multiple morbidities, including obesity, large wounds, and decreased kidney and/or liver function.

The Canary Clinical Nutrition monitor is currently in proof-of-concept studies.  By examining the changes in exhaled breath, the Canary may be helpful in determining whether the patient is receiving adequate nutrition, being underfed, or conversely, being overfed.  For Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.

Elite Performance

Isomark’s Energy Balance technology uses the stable carbon isotope of carbon in exhaled breath to evaluate an individual’s metabolic energy status.  By tracking metabolic energy status, it can be used in several ways to understand individual energy needs.  A key use is to optimize athletic performance by providing feedback on energy metabolism during training.  It can also facilitate improved sports performance by guiding nutrition, rest, and recovery programs on an individualized basis.

Energy Balance Elite Performance is currently undergoing market studies prior to market release.

Well & Fit

Energy Balance Well & Fit measures how the body uses carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to fuel metabolic energy needs.  Based on the trends displayed in the breath, nutritionists can provide valuable feedback to people on individualized metabolism.  This includes providing near-real-time feedback on recent metabolism by measuring lipid metabolism for weight loss and fitness goals, evaluating the adequacy of metabolic energy in those taking supplemental nutrition, and training feedback during intense workouts.

Energy Balance Well & Fit is currently in proof-of-concept studies, prior to market studies and subsequent market release.