Tracking Carbon Breakdown by Gut Microbes to Breath to Endure Hibernation

Researchers used stable isotope tracking in breath to unravel how animal’s waste is recycled by gut microbes. The study found nitrogen recycling via gut symbionts increases in ground squirrels over the hibernation season. Unique application of breath and tissue markers shows how hibernating squirrels rely on gut bacteria to recycle carbon and nitrogen as well […]

Isomark Health Inc. Raises Funds for Identifying Pre-Symptomatic Infections in Animals

Isomark Health raised its seed funds for identifying infections in 30 seconds using patented technology by UW-Madison scientists. Isomark’s Canarytm device fills a unique niche in the market with our novel real-time, pre-symptomatic diagnostic device. With no real competitors that can match Canarytm‘s sensitivity and general ability to detect and differentiate disease types, Canarytm device […]