Isomark enters into Strategic Collaboration with RP Nutrients to Minimize Dairy Herd Methane Emissions and Optimize Feed Performance

Fitchburg, WI (May 03, 2024) – Isomark Health, Inc., a leader in breath-analysis technology for animal health applications, today announced a strategic partnership with RP Nutrients, the exclusive distributor for Evonik’s Mepron® and K-pron® to the U.S. dairy industry.

This collaboration leverages Isomark’s Canary Ag™ presymptomatic detection technology alongside RP Nutrients’ industry-leading feed solutions to identify nutritional interventions that minimize methane emissions from dairy cattle while optimizing feed performance.

Isomark’s Canary Ag unit boasts the unique ability to capture and analyze an animal’s exhalation in under 30 seconds, precisely measuring both C12 and C13 isotopes. “This provides researchers with a fast and accurate method to quantify the amount of CO2 and methane emitted by a dairy herd,” explains Dr. Fariba Assadi-Porter, Founder & CEO of Isomark Health. “We’re thrilled to partner with a leading nutrition firm like RP Nutrients to develop impactful solutions for this critical issue.”

James Rohrer, owner and CEO of RP Nutrients, echoes Dr. Assadi-Porter’s enthusiasm. “The Canary Ag technology is a game-changer,” says Rohrer. “It allows us to develop new feed additives with unprecedented efficiency by precisely identifying and quantifying the most effective components to reduce emissions.”

About Isomark Health, Inc.

Isomark Health’s patented breath-analysis technology platform offers a variety of applications in animal and human health, nutrition, and wellness. Their Canary AG™ unit facilitates the pre-symptomatic detection of viruses, fungus, and bacterial infections within 24-48 hours before visible signs appear. Visit their website at for more information or direct investment inquiries to

About RP Nutrients, Inc.

RP Nutrients is the exclusive distributor of Evonik’s Mepron®, an encapsulated rumen-stable methionine source, and K-pron®, a high-purity hydratedpotassium supplement with a high level of purity.  In addition, RP Nutrients has a collaboration agreement with Landus’ SoyChlor® and SoyPlus®. The company operates its own research farm at its headquarters in Wisconsin and is an innovation leader in creating profitable regenerative feed solutions for the dairy industry.